The JEREMIAH O'BRIEN has two stockless anchors, port and starboard.  Each anchor operates independently from the other and each can be controlled independently by engaging or disengaging the respective machinery.

Lowering the anchor

Normally, when in inland waters both anchors will be made "ready for letting go" so that they can be deployed in quick order.  Steam to the windlass is not necessary to lower the anchor although it may be used if the anchor is "walked" out rather than dropped freely. To make an anchor ready for letting go:

    1.  Remove the hawspipe cover (also called a buckler plate) and set aside.

    2.  Remove the "devils claw" by loosening "turn buckle".

    3.  If the anchor is to be lowered in a free fall mode ensure that the pinion gear is not engaged with the anchor wildcat bull gear. This can be done by looking in the inspection covers on the forward end of the windlass.

    4.  Disengage pinion (if necessary) by turning pinion gear lever wheel. 


To let go the anchor:

    1.  Release brake by turning counter clockwise on brake operating handle.  

    2.  Inform the Bridge as to the amount of chain that has  passed through the wildcat.  Anchor  chain is measured in "shots".  This can be done by bell signal or radio.

    5.  Adjust length of chain per Bridges instruction (Bridge will determine the proper "scope" of chain) .


 - Wear safety goggles when working near the windlass when the anchor is being lowered.  Rust and pieces of metal and paint are thrown about.

 - Stand well clear of the anchor chain and wildcat as the anchor is being lowered.

Other anchoring terms